Sunday, October 13, 2013

Card of the Day - 1997 Bowman : Todd Hollandsworth Autograph

Sitting at my desk at work and taking a break and I ran a list of Dodgers that I could think of at that time through my head and up popped Hollandsworth. Todd was a Rookie of the Year for the boys in blue back in the 1990's when they had a streak that consisted of Karros, Nomo, Mondesi, Piazza and Todd. Obviously of the 5 Todd was the weakest of the bunch. All those ROY's and no playoffs wins to show for it. Shameful.

I realized that I hadn't acquired a Todd autograph as of yet so I went on to eBay and didn't expect to find much and wasn't disappointed in my assumption. Did come across this card and a seller had it listed for $7 which there was no way I going to pay that but I sent him an offer for $3 and within 30 minutes he responded and took the offer. Thought that $3 is a small enough amount that I wouldn't feel bad that I spent it on Todd. With the age of the card I could tell there was some yellowing on the border and when it came in my suspicion was confirmed. Nonetheless it is a nice card to have and add to my collection as the autograph is crisp and blue.

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