Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Card of the Day - 2011 Bowman Chrome : Dee Gordon Base Autograph

How the "mighty" have fallen. I remember in late 2011 and early last year that this card was selling on eBay for well over $10 and this is the non refractor version. The refractor obviously went for much more. At the time I wasn't in the hobby so I just liked to keep an eye on prices just for kicks. Well now that I am back I wanted to acquire a copy of Dee's card and with his downward spiral in the organization his cards are now cheaper to acquire.

One day I went trolling on the bay to see what I could get real cheap and this card came up on an auction that ended the following day. The starting price was a mere $2. As expected no action on the auction up until the end and at that point I put my bid in and won the card for the seller's opening price. Never a bad thing when you spend only a couple dollars on an autographed card. Hopefully Dee can contribute somehow on the big league team in the future but I see him more as trade bait down the road.

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