Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me . . . A Year In The Making

Not my biological birthday (which is later this month) but this blog's 1st birthday is today. A lot has happened in that time from my first post. The Kings are no longer Champions (1st non introductory post pertained to the Stanley Cup), I started and stopped collecting bobble heads. Those were fun at the time I was pursuing them but in the end they didn't hold my interest for the long haul. Most I have sold off or are selling off as we speak. My two favorites where my gold glove variant of Matt Kemp which I got signed and this one, the Eric Gagne pewter variant.

My collection of autographed balls has grown at least two fold in the past year which thrills my wife I'm sure (love you) and I have taken up the pursuit and collecting of baseball cards again. This was a hobby that I was neck deep back in the 90's but got out of in early 2001 for various reasons. With me selling off the collection of bobbles and clearing out my paperback inventory I was flush with cash to acquire more autographs and what better way than to take a look back into trading cards. I was hooked once again.

Went to yet another Opening Day at Dodger Stadium and I was a witness to Kershaw's first home run of his career. It was the start of a historic year for him as he should win the 2nd Cy Young award next month. Should have been 3 in a row but he was hosed last year. Took in one new ballpark in the form of Oakland Stadium. Met a lot of players as I attended many public signings and more importantly I met a lot of new Dodgers fans that I can now consider friends.

The past year has had its many ups and downs but here I am a year later. I like to think I learned some new things and I am better for it and to a point I think I am. The Internet can be a very bad place but if used properly it can enlighten your life and make it more entertaining. I am glad I decided to try this blog thing once more. I can say it has brought me new connections in the world while finding new friends and enjoying collecting more autographs and just being a venue to speak my mind.

One year in with hopefully more years to come. To all that read this and the blog in general thank you for taking your time to read about my autograph entries, recaps or even just tolerating my rants. It is appreciated. To all, God Bless you and may your lives be blessed as mine has.



  1. Happy Birthday buddy! Congrats on a year!

    1. Thank you. Its been great so far and the back and forth between fellow bloggers/collectors makes it fun.