Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Movie Review : Machete Kills

The inevitable sequel to Machete is upon us in the cleverly titled " Machete Kills . . . Again ".

Before the movie even starts there is a preview on the next Machete film in the form of "Machete Kills Again . . . In Space". After that the movie jumps right into the mayhem and doesn't stop until the end 100+ minutes later.

The "plot" of the movie is just a reason to show violence and beautiful women running around with minimal clothes on. President Rathcock ( Charlie Sheen ) recruits Machete ( Danny Trejo ) to go down to Mexico to take out Mendez ( Demián Bichir Nájera ) who has a bomb aimed at America which will go off if his heart stops due to the trigger being surgically attached to it. On the way to Mexico, Machete meets up with his appointed handler Ms. San Antonio ( Amber Heard ) who takes him over the border and is dropped into the heart of enemy territory. He goes to the local whorehouse run by Madame Desdemona ( Sofia Vergara ) to meet up with an informant and is soon engaged by Desdemona and her girl posse. Once face to face with Mendez, Machete is able to capture him and proceed to take him back over the border to hopefully get the bomb defused but things get more complicated as there are now 10+ million dollar bounties on both him and Mendez which brings out all sorts of characters including "El Camaleon" who is played by various actors.

With a little help Machete makes it back to the US and meets up with the maker of the bomb, Luthor Voz ( Mel Gibson ) who happens to have his own plans which he lays out to Machete. The climatic battle includes clones, Star Wars and Trek weapons, Che ( Michelle Rodriguez ) who accompanies Machete after tracking him down to help him out. Some beheadings, a little fire, rockets blasting and all sorts of other forms of violence are showcased.

VERDICT : This type of movie isn't really reviewable per se. The purpose of the film is to cram as much visual violence that you can get away with and add some story with large dosages of pretty women. Danny, once again with his non smiling face, is fun to watch. You can tell that Sofia is just having a blast as she is the best among the supporting characters and I hope she returns for the sequel. Amber and Michelle are nice eye candy but don't add much to the film other than a girl fight late in the film. Having seen the downfall of both Charlie and Mel the past few years in real life there seems to be something in their eyes that just screams "unhinged". The characters they play on screen seem more real life than make believe and I am sure it wasn't a stretch for them to "act".

In the end while I enjoyed the flick for the most part but it felt longer than the first film and towards the end my interest was not being held by what I was watching. A slight THUMBS UP to watch but even though the special effects were impressive on the big screen I wouldn't have minded if I watched it all on the small screen. Hopefully the planned trilogy goes out with a bang and not a whimper when Machete is up in space in a couple of years.

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