Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Card of the Day - *** Another Update *** 2013 Bowman inception : Yasiel Puig Silver Signing Autograph ( 25 / 25 ) Beckett Raw Grade Gem Mint 9.5

As stated from my last Inception Puig post seen HERE I was going to take the card to BGS for a raw card grade (RCR). BGS happened to be in my neighborhood this past Saturday at South Bay Cards in Lomita. This made it so much easier than me going out to Walnut for the Frank and Sons show to submit the card and wait 2 weeks minimum to know the grade. With a RCR I would know within a couple of hours what the grade is and afterwards if I wanted to I could do a full submission and get the card slabbed.

Arrived at the store around 9:45 and dropped off the card and was told that by noon I should have an answer. Killed some time by doing some shopping and headed back to the store a little after 12 and picked up my card. And, damn I still have a decent eyesight. When I received the card from Topps the card to me looked like it would grade out to a gem mint 9.5 and that is exactly what BGS thought as well. On top of acquiring my first on card, non-sticker autograph of Puig the card also is now been graded a 9.5. Obviously I wanted it fully slabbed so I submitted for the procedure and now wait a couple more weeks to complete the whole journey to getting a great looking, gem mint autographed card of Yasiel Puig added to my collection. I'm stoked and you know there will be a final entry when it comes in.
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