Thursday, October 24, 2013

Card of the Day - 2005-06 Upper Deck Trilogy : Luc Robitaille Autograph

This card will probably be the only duplicate of a player in my King's set. As stated in a previous post seen HERE I was not happy with the card that I previously won on eBay. It was entirely my fault as the card I received was exactly as described but just not the type of card I expected so off I went on another search for an autograph card of the great left winger Luc Robitaille.

I had to make sure that the card I received this time held up to my own personal standards but at the same time still find a deal which can be hard when it comes to Luc's cards. He is still very popular in the hobby and a lot of his cards can be pricey.

I found this little gem in my own backyard in Orange County, CA. Seller had it up for an opening asking price of just $10. This is one of those cards that is made entirely of hard plastic and clear. So I knew I would have no issue with this card if I could get my hands on it. It was a short auction with no action on it and I won it for the original asking price. Delivered within the week and now it sits next to my less desirable card of Luc. I am finally content on a card of Luc and can continue on my search for the other members on the team now.


  1. You can never have too many Luc cards

    1. No you can but Im still not a fan of the 1st one I bought. Keep it for trade bait somewhere down the road.