Sunday, June 30, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day - Player Appearance Recap : Scott Van Slyke ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

I planned to see Scott for an autograph this past Saturday but the timeline did not go as planned. I wanted to get Adrian Gonzalez's autograph in Huntington Park which was to start at 10 then head over to get Scott's that started at 10:30 but I passed the store in HP at 6:30 in the morning and saw that the line was at least 150 deep. For a signing that was only going to last about 90 minutes I didn't want to "waste" my time hoping that I would still get it and even if I did I would have missed out on Scott so I went to plan B. Congrats to all that got Adrian's but unlike some people that camped out I can't do that. I have Dodger dedication but that is too much even for me.

Plan B was to arrive at Frank in Sons in the City of Industry and get Scott's autograph first instead of second and to add an another autograph that I wasn't planning on getting. That is for the next entry. Arrived at Frank and Sons around 8:30 and got my ticket. He was scheduled to arrive at 10:30 and I hoped in line around 10:20 and I was only the 10th in line. Didn't expect many people
and there wasn't. By the time I was done there were only about 15 people behind me.

Got up to the table and wished Scott the typical well wishes and handed him the ball for the signature when he flipped it and was about to side panel me. WTH? Had to ask him sweet spot please and he said of course. That was a tad odd. Said thank you and headed over to my second autograph of the day which was over on the other side of the building where a lot more Dodgers were signing that day.

Scott's eventual sweet spot signature.


  1. Scott is a good graph. I got him also along with a few others that day also. I went to adrian signing as well but at 5am on the dot hoping I would be in the top 10 and still make the other signings. When I arrived like was 60-70 ppl deep. No way was I going to wait especially since I already paid for the others. Hope to see you next week if you attend the Eddie Murray signing.

    1. I would have stayed it I was 60-70 deep. Maybe we should exchange contact methods as I would have swapped out with you. I didn't have Scott or Puig already paid for but I would have attempted those after Adrian. Need an IP Adrian. Not sure if I am doing Eddie's but for sure Lo Duca and Morris. See you at one of those if you go.

  2. Yee for sure hit me up at and will exchange #'s I don't want to blast my # over net lol I'm sure you'll understand.