Saturday, April 5, 2014

2014 Topps Museum Dodgers Case Break

Adrian Base

Topps just released their 2014 Museum set and being a fan of last year's I wanted to get in on this new issue. Unlike last year I just bought the singles here and there. This time around I decided to get in on a 12 box case break and try my luck on some of the hard and rare cards that I could flip and make some extra cash of just pay for the break in general. Like all other sets I still want/ed to complete the base set along with the blue parallels. With the Dodgers only having 5 players in the set that meant no more than 10 cards that I would be chasing. One annoyance was the inclusion of Ricky Nolasco. Really? No Ryu, Greinke, or Kemp? We get stuck with a pitcher that is no longer with the team. Go figure. With that said the first card is the one up above which is the base version of Adrian

Within the 12 boxes I ended up with 2 base Kershaw cards. Obviously one will be for my own personal collection but the other one is up for trade and if not I might contest it out with ... 

... one of these 2 Koufaxs that were also in the case. A great one two punch and of course if I was to do that I might as well add in one of these ... 

...yeah... I didn't even want him in the set so my break gives me two of him. I am sure someone will want it though. 

Next up were two different Puigs. The base one I wanted for sure and will be on the lookout for the blue parallel but the case also gave me the copper parallel. Not sure what I will do with that as of yet. Think it holds a little more trade value rather than contesting it out. We shall see.

Also received the copper version of Adrian. This one is up for trade if anyone wants it. 

An Adrian parallel that I will be keeping though. I am glad I scored one of the blue cards so I don't have to go searching for it online.

84 of 99

Now for the inserts. Jackie is not represented in the base set but he does appear in the Canvas Collection insert set. The card has a portrait feel to it's surface and not the normal slick coating. My Jackie collection is sorely lacking and this is a welcome addition.

I just knew since I talked crap about Nolasco that my one "hit" of an autograph would be of him. I have nothing more to say.

387 / 399

Onto the first of two relic cards that were in the case. This jumbo is of Chad who I hope makes a full recovery and can rejoin our team in a month. Card has been selling for a few bucks on eBay so it won't being going there. Might keep it, might trade it. Anyone interested?

71 of 75

And now for my big hit. A quad relic of Yasiel numbered to 75. Thankfully it is of the two color variety as that will help it's resale value. This is already on eBay and previous sales have been anywhere between $50-$75 so as long as it's in that ballpark I will make my money back. 

That is all folks. I am quite disappointed with my luck on this break. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don't but thankfully I have the outlet of eBay to help me recoup the funds back. Great looking cards and I may just try one more break and see if my luck changes. 

Again, if interested in any of the card feel free to contact me for a trade.