Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BGS Raw Grade Update 1 - 2013 Bowman Sterling : Yasiel Puig Now Slabbed a Gem Mint 9.5

Last month I went to a BGS raw grading event at South Bay cards and came away ecstatic with the results. I ended up with 4 out of 5 9.5 gem mint cards. Considering I knew the other one I submitted would not be a gem mint I will chalk this up as a 4 for 4 transaction. The one thing that you don't know with the raw grade is the actual sub grades that make up the final grade. Now with them back I can see how close or how far I was from a 9 or a possible 10.

One a day posts for the rest of the week with the surprising and biggest card on Friday to end off the week.

First up is the 2013 Bowman Sterling Puig card. When I first submitted the card I felt out of all of them it was the surest to receive a gem mint grade. It received the gem mint grade but I was a tad surprised on the corners grade. Everything received a 9.5 ( with edges getting a 10 ) but the corners only received a 9. Corners looked crisp to me but I guess not crisp enough. But in the end I still got my gem mint grade so no harm was done.

1 of only 4 in the world at this time.


  1. And once again...ty for that trade.
    If u ever want to submit ur own i can be a middle man fr u 2 BGS