Sunday, April 27, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Five Star : Yoenis Cespedes Silver Signings Autograph Blue Parallel ( 19 / 25 )

One of the advantages of selling off my autograph ball collection is that I can go after autographs of players on their cards rather than try to hunt them down in person. Yoenis is one of those players.

He was on my hit list to acquire an in person autograph on a ball at some time in the future but that will never come to pass now as I have moved on from that part of the hobby. Well now I could pick and chose the card I wanted to purchase that looked the best to me. Once again I turned to the 2013 Five Star set and found this great looking blue parallel with his John Hancock in silver ink. A great combination. I lost out on one auction but was able to lock down this specific one in another. Card looks better in person than on the computer.

Silver ink pops nicely on a blue background

19 of only 25


  1. Five Star autos look awesome. Nice card!

    1. they do. Only problem I have with them are the "constant" corner issues.