Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Card of the Day - 2009 Ultimate Collection : Matt Kemp Jumbo Jersey Relic Autograph ( 5 / 50 )

Yet another hit on Kemp's current low prices on eBay. A card I have never seen on the bay and the seller had described wrong so I had to find out what year it really was to see what book value was on it. After finding that out and then for what I paid for it all I can say is I have a nice smile on my face.

The seller had this labeled as a 2008 card but after further review I found out it was a 2009 issue. That might have helped me out as I noticed that there were not many views on the auction prior to its end. When all was said and done I was the only one to place a bid on the card and it arrived in a nice screw down holder just a few days later. Book has this valued at $100. That is way high for Kemp right now. I assume its because of is numbered scarcity of just 50 copies. I won this at over 80% off of book. Oh yeah, happy dance.

edit : since I first wrote this up the card value has plummeted to $40 but my purchase price was still over 50% off of that
= )

On jersey/card autograph the Bison

5 of only 50

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