Sunday, April 20, 2014

Card of the Day - 2012 Topps Tribute : Felix Hernandez Base Autograph Blue Parallel ( 48 / 50 )

Another reacquired autograph for my collection where the first one never saw a blog post due to the back log of the que.

I had a single signed ball of King Felix and was able to sell it and acquire this card and still had money left over to buy a few more things. The ball's signature was starting to fade a little so I unloaded that at the right time and now have this great looking, crisp, blue on card autograph of King Felix.

Could have picked up the non blue version but for $3 more why not have the blue one right?

48 of 50


  1. Sick autograph card from King Felix. I just bought what looks to be a Chris Anderson bowman chrome refractor for 50 cents at Frank and Son while attending the Bill Russell signing.

    1. TY. 50 cents? Damn, now that is a great deal. He should be an above average pitcher on the Dodgers. Congrats, I think ill pass by Frank and Sons next Sat.