Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Signed Ball of the Day - Don Newcombe ( ROMLB Sweet Spot w/Inscriptions )

My first reacquired autograph on a baseball since I decided to quit collecting signed baseballs a couple of months ago. So what makes this one different from all the rest? Simple, it's on a black baseball. As I stated earlier I would still collect signed balls but only on the black Rawlings version. I love how the gold pops on the ball. I also wanted to only collect "big" names. Don while Dodger royalty isn't the biggest name I could have gone with but considering the deal there was no way I could pass up acquiring the ball.

1956 MVP Inscription

I was surfing eBay one day for signed balls and came across this beauty of a ball from one of my favorite promoters. He was asking $100 for the ball but as always he had a best offer option for it. I contacted him and considering he holds signings all the time in the Los Angeles area I asked him about selling it off line to cut eBay costs. On top of that I would swing by his office to pick it up so that would also cut out the shipping charge. With that out of the way now I had to work on getting it at a price that I liked and that he would accept.

1956 Cy Young inscription

Thankfully since we have done business before and he has a big enough inventory of this and many other balls he was open to my offer. Scheduled a pick up day and a couple weeks later I had my first reacquired ball since the massive liquidation. 

1949 ROY inscription

I was going to acquire Don's autograph on a nice 8x10 that I found online but when this opportunity came up I just couldn't pass it up. A great looking ball with multiple inscriptions. When all is said and done if I was to buy this ball in person with Don and all of its inscriptions it would have cost me $150. I bought it for a fraction of that. A coup of a buy.

His uniform #36 inscription 


  1. He's almost 90 yet still has one of the best signatures.

    1. and still one of the nicest guys. met him one time

    2. He's a class act. His handler (might be his wife)... not so nice.

    3. ive heard about that from some people. Same with Nomar and his wife