Monday, April 7, 2014

Attended Game Recap : Giants 2 @ DODGERS 6 on April 6, 2014

This was my third game of the week but my first at blue heaven on earth, Dodger Stadium. This being a non graphing game the wife and I headed to the park about a hour prior to the game as I wanted to see the new stuff that was added to the ballpark.

First off the supposed quicker entry time for parking is still non existent. We came in through the 110 freeway exit and sat in line to enter the parking area for a good 15 minutes. Dodgers still need to work on this. Having preferred parking though made it less of a hassle once inside.

We headed down to the field level entrance along the first base side as I was thinking I wanted to try the new Lasorda restaurant but in the end all we ended up with were a couple of sodas. I did see the new "ring" displays and seeing the 1981 version I decided to take my picture with that one. That was the year I became a fan of the Dodgers at the ripe old age of 7.

It reminded me of an old ride back in the day were you stood up and controlled the vehicle with your hands. Am I just too old that no one can relate to that ride? Lol.

Close by was an over-sized replica of the Gold Glove Award that is given out to the winners every year. Out of the two I like the rings the best. There was also a giant Lasorda bobblehead but it was occupied by a big family so I couldn't get a good picture. Maybe next time.

Arrived at our new seats for the 2014 season. A great view with the overhang over us for shade.

New placement of the retired numbers.

Onto the game. The Dodgers were looking to avoid the sweep by the hated Giants and they had their 1A ace Greinke on the bump and he was up to the challenge as he threw 6 strong innings and only gave up 2 runs which happened to be solo home runs in the sixth. He was probably running out of gas by that time. No worries as Matt Kemp showed up in a big way. 2 home runs by the Bison for a total of 3 runs batted in for the big guy. The stadium was buzzing after the second one and it was 2011 all over again. One day is good but hopefully this is just not a flash in the pan and he continues on this path. Kemp is still my favorite player and I/we need to see him regain his standing among the baseball elite.

Not to be overshadowed, Hanley added his own 2 home runs to the box score. If this team can hit on all cylinders there is no stopping them. I still believe the Dodgers have about a 5 year window right now where all the needed parts for a championship run are in place. Having not seen a World Series title in 26 years me saying I think they should at least win 2 if not 3 in this 5 year period seems a little aggressive but I think this team can and should be able to do this.

The bullpen came in and closed the door on the punk ass orange team and the Dodgers finally were able to add a W in the results column for the first time this year at Dodger Stadium. The house was packed and energy was high for the most part. A great first game for me and the wife at Dodger Stadium and can't wait for the the next game in a week. That will be a graphing and early BP game and hopefully I can add some more autographs to the collection.


  1. "The bullpen came in and closed the door on the punk ass orange team" YES!