Thursday, April 10, 2014

Card of the Day - 2011 Finest : Dee Gordon Orange Refractor Parallel Autograph ( 31 / 99 )

Punk ass orange. That it is always my first thought when I see this color. Never liked it and never will. So of course Topps would come out with a parallel in that color which is needed to complete my rainbow collection of the two rookies ( Dee and Jerry ) from the 2011 Finest set.

Orange was the last non "hard" one to acquire for my set. What is now left are red and purple which will be a long time coming if ever in my getting my hands on them due to the scarcity of them. This orange one doesn't come up much on eBay due to only 99 being made and Dee not the most popular of players which I'm sure adds to the scarcity of auctions. With that in mind I put in a higher amount than I normally would to make sure I won this card and at the end of the day I won it for just a tad over $6. Not too bad of a purchase and with this I can slow down now on the Dee cards. Now if Topps can never make an orange card again I will be ecstatic.

Orange.... Ahhhh.. My eyes

31 / 99

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