Friday, April 4, 2014

Trade with Dr. Liu Part 19 - Matt Kemp Signed Jersey

After almost 3 weeks of daily posts we have reached the final item of the trade. A heads up though, I just completed another trade with the Dr. so more posts are a-coming.

This jersey along with the Puig and Kershaw autographs are the big gets for me from the trade. No matter what Kemp is still my favorite player even if his on field performance is lacking. There are too many other factors that make it still enjoyable to watch him play.

With all the autographs I have of the Bison I have never owned a jersey signed by him. Even though I haven't really collected jerseys that is still surprising to this collector. Well that hole in my collection has now been filled with this clean signature.

Even though I would have been happy with the signature being placed anywhere I am happy it is on the number 7.

So that is it from my biggest trade ever with one person. Thank you again to Dr. Liu for all the great stuff in the trade and I look forward to more in store signings at his office.


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    1. Ty
      U still need to come down early and hang out during BP and grab some autos.
      I still have the passes