Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Attended Game Recap : Sharks 1 @ KINGS 4

What . . . a . . . game !

I haven't done a recap on a hockey game that I've attended in the past but yesterday's game was the perfect one to be the first.

As stated in yesterday's post it was a day spent with a heavy heart as our friend passed away over the weekend and yesterday would have been his 34th birthday. If he was alive we would have attended this game together. Nick loved hockey and with his last name being Sharkey he leaned towards the Sharks as his team but he loved the Kings as a close second.

So birthday, his two favorite teams, the wife and I's favorite team and an elimination game to boot. Yeah we for sure would have all gone together.

We debated on going do to what happened but we decided that attending the game would be a nice tribute to our lost friend and we knew he would be there in spirit.

The Kings scored first early in the 1st period which held up till the second when the Sharks evened up the score at 1. The refs kept calling penalties on the Kings which we obviously wrong. Sure there were some that needed to be called but overall the refs got it wrong. A big 5 on 3 penalty kill by the Kings due to bad calls seemed to drain some energy out of the team as shortly after is when the Sharks scored their lone goal.

With tension in the air as the 3rd period began with the knowledge that if the Kings lost their season woud be over they asserted themselves and scored 3 unanswered goals to take the game and force a winner take all game 7 tomorrow night in San Jose.

The energy was high and I have never heard the arena as loud as I did last night. Kings fans chanted well into the night. The Kings seek to become only the 4th team in hockey history to win a series when they were down 0-3. I believe the momentum will carry then to a date with the Ducks in the second round.

Our friend Nick would have loved this game. He was there though as various occurrences kept popping up to give us that nudge that he was around. We are glad we got the chance to celebrate his life on his would be birthday in a very fitting way. Again, you shall be missed but bring a little more of that heavenly luck to the Kings tomorrow when you get a chance up there.

Go Kings Go !!!


Everybody onto the ice to celebrate

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