Thursday, April 17, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Tribute : Vladimir Guerrero Base Autograph ( 98 / 99 )

Another member for the reacquired collection even though the original autograph post never saw the light of day due to being stuck in the que and since has been deleted.

I had a Vladimir signed ball that was slowly toning and was another of the multiple reasons why I stopped going after signed balls. I always enjoyed Vladimir as a player and wished he was a Dodger. Had to settle on watching him rake for the Angels down in Anaheim.

I wanted to acquire Vladimir's autograph with him in an Expo uniform and luckily the new 2014 Tribute set had this great looking on card autograph. There are a few parallels to this card but I only cared to have an autograph so it didn't matter what parallel I got my hands on. At the end of the day I ended up with the most common of the bunch but thankfully at a great price which was way under book which is $30.

98 of 99

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