Friday, April 4, 2014

BGS Raw Grade Update 4 - 2013 Topps Five Star : Sandy Koufax Now Slabbed a Gem Mint 9.5

THE card that I just wanted/needed to grade out to gem mint 9.5. I found out at the raw grading event that it did just that but now that I received it back in slabbed form I see that it was a strong 9.5 with even a 10 on corners! Anyone that collects thick cards like these know that corners are a major problem with them getting bent or frayed. When I first acquired the card I thought I had one of the better versions and was confident that it would get a 9.5 on corners. Guess I wasn't confident enough. = )

All the other sub grades graded out to a 9.5 which makes the overall grade of 9.5 a strong one that is not "weakened" but a 9 somewhere in the sub grades. Once again I couldn't be happier and this now is my new crown jewel in my Dodger autograph collection. I have an overall crown jewel which still hasn't seen a blog entry ( someday it will as its not a signed ball as it's a graded card ). 

I replaced my crown jewel which was a signed Koufax ball with a now graded autographed Koufax card. Value wise this is better. I still would love to compliment this with an IP autograph of the great lefty. Someday. 

Well that ends the week on a bang with the graded cards. Hopefully when BGS comes out again for a raw grading event I can strike gold again. I have a Bryce Harper autographed Bowman Chrome rookie card just itching for a gem mint grade. 

1 of only 2 in the world.

Gem Mint autograph grade


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    1. Its is classic and legible which a lot of players lack nowadays.