Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Did You Send Me This Card ? - 2008 SP : Matt Kemp By The Letter Autograph " M "

An interesting envelope arrived at my P.O. Box a couple days ago and as normal I just opened up the package and tossed it out as I put the card to aside.

Well when I went back to the stack to organize it I realized that I already have this card twice as that is what is needed for my Kemp project. I do not need it thrice. Someone had sent me a card and for the life of me I can not think of any unfinished trade with anyone. I am still seeking these letters but the "M's" were completed already so I did not need anymore. So someone out there sent me this and I am now looking for its original owner.

So if this letter/card looks familiar to you please contact me and inform me that you sent it so we can discuss a trade. I probably will just sell it on eBay as I don't need it but whoever did send it thank you for thinking of me in the first place and I appreciate the help in trying to complete my project. If no one steps up at least I tried.

= )


  1. If you don't need that, I would be interested in dealing for it. I'll shoot you a message later.

    1. sounds good.
      going to give it a week and it no one steps forward then u and i can work something out.
      this would be added to the Museums u asked about as well