Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Allen and Ginter : Mike Trout Mini Framed Autograph Red Ink Variant BGS Graded 9.5 ( 30 / 31 )

Uh... that isn't Trout up there. Why is Yasiel Puig's gem mint card up there then? Well this is how I came to acquire my newest Trout card. I had seen Trout's 2013 Allen Ginter card up on eBay on a BIN auction and saw that there were over 20+ best offers and each one was rejected with only one of them countered which in turn was rejected.

A little research and as you can see on the card it is numbered 30 of only 31 in the world and Beckett has this card valued at $500 and that is for the ungraded version. I found out that this is the only one that has been submitted for grading and it came back in this spiffy gem mint grade. At this time it is the only one in the world and with only 30 left out there it might be the only one ever. I wanted it but didn't have the funds for the card. Hmm... I do have that Yasiel card to play with. Decided to talk a few of my fellow bloggers on what they would do. Before that lets go over a few things.


Silver autograph of the Inception brand
One of only 4 9.5's in the world
Numbered out of 25
Puig is 23 and though highly talented he has not proven as of yet he can maintain his 2013 high production.
I have the more desirable 2013 Bowman Chrome blue parallel autograph in my collection already and it also is graded a 9.5.

Trout :

Red ink variant of the Allen and Ginter brand ( IMO better than the Inception brand )
Only 9.5 in existence
Numbered out of 31
Trout is 22 and has had already two MVP caliber years is only getting better.
Believe it or not but this would be my second most valuable Trout card. The other card has not seen its own blog post as of yet.

And finally I would sell the Puig card and use those funds to buy an agreed upon price between the seller and I on the Trout card and still have money left over.

Greg of plaschkethysweaterisargyle
Alex of chavezravining
Jesse of section117bib

Those were the three fellow card collectors that I asked their opinion on.
It was unanimous.
I was already leaning towards Trout but they all reconfirmed my reasoning on why I should go with Trout over Puig.
Sold my Puig, sent the money for Trout and pocketed a little extra coin., A few short days later I was the proud owner of the only gem mint mini framed red ink Trout card from the 2013 Allen and Ginter. Its better looking in person than on the computer.

Thank you again for the input guys.

Great numbers across the board

30 of 31


  1. Daaaaaaamn that's a gorgeous card.

    1. It is....
      all the better consider nothing out of pocket and just had to swap a Puig for it
      = )

  2. I think you made a good move. Trout is the man!

    1. Agreed,
      I think will have an above average career while Trout will probably have a HOF one.

    2. Puig is a wildcard. Only injury will slow down Trout. His pace right now is unbelievable.

    3. Agreed again.
      Even when he isnt doing "well" he is still over 300 avg and 400 opb with pop.
      Sky's the limit

  3. I am surprised you had to ask for opinion. Puig may have talent, but of the two, Trout will be the far bigger star in the league. He is just that damn good.

    1. I dont know why I was second guessing myself as well.
      I think the book value of 800 (puig) vs 500 (trout) for some reason was slowing me down.
      stupid of me but thankfully the Trout was still there when I got my head on straight