Saturday, April 12, 2014

Card of the Day - 2011 Bowman Chrome : Bryce Harper Base Autograph

A biggie that I wanted to acquire prior to the baseball season. One Bryce Harper.

I am in the Trout camp when the two are compared but at the same time I think Bryce will have a fine career and I think this upcoming year might be his breakout one. I've tried to get my hands on this card for years but it never was at a price I was comfortable with. Now with me selling the autographed ball that I had in my collection of him I had funds to try to finally get this card.

Unlike some years the refractor and non refractor versions are not that far apart in price. For Bryce it is only $50. With that I focused on the non refractor as I just wanted a Bowman Chrome autograph of Bryce and didn't care if it shined or not. Prices were starting to jump on this card when I began my pursuit so I had to make my move. Stipulation was that it had to be a copy that looked like it would grade out to a gem mint 9.5. That made it that much harder.

Found this copy and the seller had it on a BIN with best offer and I sent in my offer and noticed 30 minutes later that there were 3 other offers. Bidding war anyone? Seller countered me and two others and in turn I countered back and sat and waited. I guess my counter was better than the other two and I finally got my hands on an autograph Bowman Chrome of Harper.

Centered, non frayed edges, four sharp corners and the surface is defect free
Looks like this card will grade out well.
Knock on wood.


  1. Replies
    1. have been hunting for this even before I was back into cards. Tried to get yours first but u said no
      = )

  2. Congrats. I am a huge Nationals fan and obviously a Harper fan since he is the youth of the team. I am not comfortable with any of the overpriced cards from his rookie year. A big white whale for me is the stupidshort print of the 2012 Topps Archives # 241 "Base" card of his.

    1. TY. Not a Nats fan per se but loved their park but I prefer Ryan Zimmerman over Harper but i wanted this Harper for years, Yes,,, that is a stupid base