Saturday, April 5, 2014

Card of the Day - 2007 Allen and Ginter : Russell Martin Autograph

Though not at the top of my list I have been on the lookout for an on card autograph of former Dodger catcher Russell Martin. There is a decent selection out there of him depicted in Dodger blue but either something else came up that grabbed my attention or the asking price was too high for my taste.

With the Pirates in the post season for the first time in ages and Russell being a part of that team it seemed that the demand was a little higher on his autograph so I waited until the off season to really look for a card to acquire due to the prices seemingly being higher. This card has a book value of $25 which in no way was I going to even come close to paying. Found a seller that had this particular copy up for sale with an asking price of under $7. That was more up my alley and in the end I was the only one to bid on it and had the card delivered to me within a few days. The autograph looks a little cramped on the small card but at least its not a sticker one.

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