Monday, April 14, 2014

Signed Ball of the Day : Mike Trout ( ROMLB Sweet Spot ) AKA eBay Bucks Quarterly Purchase

Its that time of the year once again. Time for me to cash in the eBay bucks that I earned in the last 3 months and yet again it is a big acquisition for ole Matthew here.

Though the last quarter purchase of the 2013 Bowman Chrome Autograph Blue Parallel BGS 9.5 of Yasiel Puig as seen HERE was my largest purchase value wise when it came to the actual card/ball this purchase, if you can call it that, is the biggest now as I did not spend a penny out of pocket and paid for it in full with eBay bucks. I so love buying things for friends and co-workers with their money through my account as I get to earn more and more eBay bucks for myself.

As it is known I am out of the ball signing part of the hobby but I will collect certain black balls and when I saw this beauty I knew I had to have it.

That is a sweet looking Mike Trout MLB authenticated black baseball. No streaking, no blemishes. Just a great looking ball of the best everyday player in baseball. Not many of these are for sale on eBay and others that closed on traditional auctions have sold for more than $175. The problem I had was that I wanted to lock in the price prior to the season before his performance could make the price skyrocket. The seller that had this up on a BIN auction allowed me over 3 weeks to pay him. He had to wait till April 3rd until my eBay bucks were available to use. Once again I stood by my feedback as my word that he would be paid and he was on that day. A few days later I became the proud owner of this black ball.

With that quarter now done I am working on the next one which will end on June 30th. I don't know what I can find that will top the last two purchases but either way I am glad that I have finally been able to land this.

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