Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Card of the Day - 2009 SP : Matt Kemp Legendary Cuts Autograph ( 89 / 125 )

Do I need another Matt Kemp Autograph? No
Do I want another Matt Kemp Autograph? Yes
Did I get a good deal on this one? Oh yeah

I have been watching this card for months on eBay but was never going to purchase it at the price the seller had it at. Book has its value at $40. Way too much in today's market. Seller went back and forth between buy it now auctions and traditional auctions and it never sold. Original asking price was over $50. Week in and week out he dropped the price $5 and yet no one bid on the card. It finally had an asking price of lower than $20. Thought to myself maybe I can get him to lower it even more to just move it. I messaged him and gave him an offer which he accepted shortly after. In the end it was over 75% off of book. A win in my eyes. Got to add yet another great looking Kemp autograph to the collection at a meager price.

Another great on card autograph

89 of 125

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