Friday, April 4, 2014

Photo of the Day : Don Drysdale 8x10 JSA Autograph

My first reacquired autograph that happens to not be a card.

Don is Dodger royalty and not having his autograph represented in my collection was not a possibility. He was part of the signed baseball purge but I knew going in that a signed card might not be a possibility. Due to his untimely death he was not around for the on card autographs that Topps releases nowadays. I could have gone the cut autograph route but I am not really a fan of those. I also could have acquired one of the old Topps card from the 60's that Don signed and then PSA authenticated but I thought Don was a good subject to get on a photo since photos and cards are what I am collecting now.

eBay here I come again and for the most part all the pre-authenticated photos had an asking price of at least $80. Wanted Don but not at that price. I did have a lot of wiggle room with the ball sale and found this JSA photo with an asking price of $45. Very reasonable but with a best offer you know I was going to haggle. 2 days later the seller and I agreed to a price and Don became the first reacquired autograph in my collection that happens to be a photo instead of a card. Nice crisp autograph from a Dodger great. Welcome back Don.

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