Monday, April 21, 2014

Attended Game Recap - DIAMONDBACKS 4 @ Dodgers 2 on 4.18.2014 Also Photo of the Day : Hyun-Jin Ryu

Our first night game of the year and it did not go as planned game wise but apart from that I did get a first for me in my life but more on that later. The wife, father in law and I arrived at the stadium a little after 4 for our first batting practice of the year and it ended up being a complete bust for us as only a couple of balls made it our way and we didn't snag any of them.

Got a chance to see Clayton rapidly heal from his injury. He looked good and you could tell he was anxious to get back to the team. A lot of reports think he won't be back till late May or early June but it would not surprise me to see him back on the mound by mid May at the latest. He is just that determined.

Love how the Dodgers show what place the teams are in and seeing Arizona in last could only be beat with seeing the Giants in that place instead. All is right in the world seeing the Dodgers in first though. Sad to say today the dog had it's day.

While batting practice was a bust the autograph scene seemed to only be marginally better with a few here or there but not anyone I was really looking for but then I noticed that a pitcher was signing in the bullpen and I headed over and saw that our Korean phenom Hyun-Jin was signing for fans. He had almost finished but I was able to acquire a photo of him. I happened to be second to last of the lucky fans to get an autograph. Thank you again Mr. Ryu.

Perfect placement of the autograph in my opinion.

With my one signature in hand we were off to our seats. For the 1st time in years I sat right behind home plate on the Loge level. Tickets can be pricey but I scored a great deal a couple months prior to the season beginning. Probably the best view in the stadium.

View from the seats.

Side view from the seats. Lady does not look happy she is in the picture.
= )

While our starting pitcher Zack Greinke was on his game and only made one real mistake, a solo home run by Miguel Montero. In the end the Dodgers lost a long game that went 12 innings. The highlight for me came in the fourth inning though as I finally acquired something that I have been trying to do for the 32 years that I have attended baseball games.

I have tried and tried at multiple stadiums to catch a foul ball. I know a lot of people think that isn't a big deal but to me it is something I have always wanted to do. This was a main reason for seating here as well. To up the chance to get a foul ball. In the first 3 innings a few screamed near our seats but none in our section. That all changed in the fourth as Miguel Montero stepped up to the plate and hit a ball that went to the right of me and the wife and behind us and ended up hitting someone/seat and came back towards us on our left and I happened to catch it on the rebound. A little tricky but in the end I finally got the first foul ball of my life. After a few high fives from fellow fans I tucked it away and it now has a place in my collection. 

Game did not go as planned but getting Ryu's autograph and the foul ball made up for it. 

My 1st foul ball ever.


  1. Awesome. Hopefully it won't take me as long as you to get my hands on a foul.

  2. Very good for a guy who can't see that well huh lol