Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Card of the Day - 2011 Topps : Sandy Koufax Base Diamond Anniversary Parallel BGS RCR Pristine 10

Though Koufax is now 1 of only 4 baseball players I collect I am sorely lacking in graded cards of the pitching legend so whenever I can pick one up for cheap even if it's not one that might go up in value much I do it.

These diamond parallels are not numbered but they are pretty and somewhat limited. I picked up the Trout version awhile back in BGS 9.5 form so other than me getting a Kershaw one I thought I was done. Well I went looking for Koufax graded cards one day and came across this BGS raw card review of Sandy and it has a beautiful 10 attached to it. The card was on a BIN auction but thankfully it had a best offer option attached to it as it books for a high of $15 and the asking price was $30. This would be my first pristine card of Mr. Koufax and I wanted it if I could bargain down the seller. Back and forth we went until we were able to agree to a price that was only slightly higher than high book price. That is a win in my eyes.

When I attend the next BGS event I will submit this for a full slabbing treatment. The question now is do I final get to add a black label 10 (all sub grades earn a 10) or will it be a "boring" ole basic 10? Either way I love this card and glad I "won" it.

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