Sunday, January 3, 2016

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps Chrome : Joc Pederson Base Blue Refractor Parallel (96/150)

Amazing what a few months can do to your cards prices in the hobby. You go back to late May and early June and you had to pay a premium for Joc cards. Even up to the home run derby where he placed second in the competition people were paying more than I thought Joc was worth. I felt he was going to plummet as the signs were there so I sold high on the one card that held tons of value and picked up two cards I really wanted. Now with all the prices of his cards going lower and lower it makes it easier to pick up parallels on the cheap.

With a print run of 150 this card is somewhat hard to come by per se but I sat on the sidelines till the price came down from its initial release high price to an amount that I was more comfortable with. This card was on a BIN auction on eBay with an asking price of $25 with no best offer option. It books for $10-25 but I was only going to "pay" an amount near the low end of that scale. Kept it on my watch list till one day I glanced at it and the seller had slashed the price to lower than the low end of book. I was much more than comfortable with that and promptly hit the button and had the card in hand a week later.

I think Joc will rebound in the hobby but not to the level it was when the season started but till then I will enjoy these bargain purchases.

One Hundred Fifty

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