Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman Chrome : Mike Trout Base Black Static Refractor Parallel (19/35) BGS Graded Mint 9.0

Oh how I love people that can't stand mint 9's and will only accept gem mint 9.5's for their collection.

As I try to build my BGS graded Trout collection up this off season I am scouring the bay for any deals that may be had. I am basically looking for any rookie year cards or like this one, a numbered colored parallel. This card showed up on the bay one day on a traditional 7 day auction with a 99 cent starting bid and I promptly put it on my watch list to keep an eye on it. I checked the book on it and Beckett has it valued from a high of $100 to a low of $40. Pretty damn high for a non rookie and even at the low end I would never look to acquire this card in raw form. Maybe on a good day I would consider it in graded form hence my watching this particular one. A look back at past eBay sales shows that one of these sold in raw form for $52 so it would be interesting to see what a graded one would go for.

Oh so close to a gold banner gem mint grade

This card is only .5 from being a gem mint and with the sub grade needing a bump being centering it would take another grader's opinion being more sympathetic than the original grader's which is always the luck of the draw. You can see where I am heading with this as I plan to send in for a review when BGS is back out here in March to see if I can get that bump.

As the days dwindled on the auction the price never budged as only 1 bid had been placed up to the final day which saw the most traffic with 4 bids with mine being the final and highest one which netted me this black beauty. Final cost was no where near the raw book low of $40 as it was below $28 delivered. Not too shabby if I do so say myself. Another minty Trout for the collection.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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