Thursday, January 7, 2016

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps Five : Clayton Kershaw Base Autograph Gold Parallel (20/50)

Out fishing on eBay one day for Kershaw cards in general and came across this one and even though I wasn't planning on acquiring any 2015 Topps Five Star cards I wasn't going to turn away a deal if one presented itself.

Don't get me wrong I think the 2015 version is much better than the 2014 and I already own the 2014 autograph version of Kershaw but I was going to totally bypass the 2015 as I wanted to focus on picking up a copy of the 2015 Allen Ginter mini frame autograph of Kershaw as I want to have one copy from each year he has one in that brand. Of course now that I have this one I might have to do the same thing for Five Star as I am doing for Allen Ginter.

When I acquired this card there was no book value assigned yet but when I did a closer inspection of the card (from the screenshots provided) I came away thinking that it would have a good chance of earning a 9.5 from BGS and at the very worst a 9 so I was going to put in a token bid just in case I could snag it at a bargain. Low and behold my "low" bid did in fact win the card and once I had it in hand I still hold the belief it could earn a 9.5 and now "certain" it will earn that minimum 9. We shall see in a few months but I am now thankful I took the time to put that bid in.


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