Sunday, June 30, 2013

Card of the Day - 2012 Topps Five Star : Clayton Kershaw Silver Ink Autograph ( 84 / 99 )

Like a lot of collectors I am always on the look out for Kershaw autographs and it's hard to pass one up if it is available whether it is a deal or not. I won't buy autographs that are in black as the color fades and will only buy in them in blue, unless, the rare silver cards come up. Silver is not as common as blue so when they become available I keep an eye on it. Considering I don't own a silver one since my return to the hobby it's become an itch that needed to be scratched and finally it has been with this addition.

Looking to add number 3 to my autograph collection of Kershaw and saw this gem on eBay and knew if I could get it at a reasonable price I would. Average action as there were 5 bids on it prior to the final day which had the card at $20. Book has the card at $30 which I think is low but what do I know? Wanted the card but decided I was for sure not going to pay over book for it. Auction was rapidly coming to a close and I put the bid in and won it at $28. So basically I paid book for a card but my mentality is that its silver and its Kershaw. A fine combination.

Card came in the mail and this is the thickest card I have ever owned. This is a big boy. Glad to finally add my first silver on card autograph and to top it off it is of Kershaw which I now own 3 autographs of. Sometimes paying book isn't that bad.

Silver, Kershaw, 84 out of 99. What else can I ask for?


  1. congrats on the great addition! picked one up myself a while back, love the silver sig!

    1. TY. Love silver sigs. My first. Just got my first gold ball on Saturday. Post on that tomorrow. Still have those Seagers if you want them