Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Hideo Nomo Bobblehead

The Dodgers have released a picture of the upcoming Hideo Nomo Bobblehead that is being released on August 10th when they host the Tampa Bay Rays on a Saturday day game. Looks great as it captures him in his classic "tornado" pose. I look forward to picking this one up. Also it has been reported that Hideo himself will be in the house. Haven't seem him around these parts in years and he will get a well deserved standing ovation. Go Blue.


  1. The Red Sox still have a bandwagon that shows up to away games? I thought it wasn't "cool" to like the Red Sox anymore.

  2. Havent been to an Angel game recently have you?
    They still show up en masse and are rowdy like usual. Drunkees too.