Monday, June 3, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Museum : Adrian Gonzalez Autograph w/Dual Game Used Patches ( 39 / 50 )

It's early in the game but so far this is my prized pick up from this year's Topps Museum.

A goal for me this year was to get an autograph of our new first baseman Adrian Gonzalez on card with him depicted in Dodger blue. This happens to one of the first to make it to the market. While there are Tri game used patch cards out there I could care less about the game used aspect of it as I just want the autograph. The Tri version are normally going for at least $35 and some topping $50. Will not spend that much. So I was looking at the Dual patch cards and I missed out on a few auctions but I finally landed one at a nice lucky price of just over $13.

Card came in a nice non scratch screw down so I have no intention of taking it out. My first Adrian in Dodger blue and it looks great and got it at a great price in my mind.

Nice and crisp also numbered 39 out of only 50.


  1. Greg - TY. Hopefully first of many. At least someone has stepped up so far this year

  2. $13 is a solid price for that. Nice.

  3. Aus - Agreed and thank you. Sometimes u get a hit and sometimes a miss.