Thursday, June 6, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Museum : Sandy Koufax Blue Bordered Variant ( 48 / 99 )

I love my blue variant cards for the Dodgers. The cards just look better when they are adorned with blue.

As with this year's Bowman set, Topps Museum has a blue variant but at lower print run than Bowman's 500. Topps comes in at just 99 so I know this hunt will be a tad harder and possibly a tad more pricey. Let the bargain hunting begin.

With the few current Dodgers within the set its funny how the first one I get is a retired great. Sandy Koufax. I haven't owned a Koufax card in years and I believe I only owned one copy back when I collected in the 90's. Possibly two but no more than that. Nothing needs to be said about his career as most of us know it by heart as we hear about is constantly when Clayton Kershaw pitches and is rightfully compared to this great lefty.

Koufax has a few signed cards within this year's set but I assume I will never get one as I don't want to pay the price and I already have a nice graded mint baseball signed by the legend. So since he is in this year's set I went on hunt for the blue variant and while pricing is not out yet on the set I picked this up for less than $3. Either way I think that is a great buy for a limited variant let alone a Dodger great. So I now have the first blue for this year's set and now onto the rest.

Dodger Great Sandy Koufax in Blue Glory. 48 out of 99.

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