Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Card of the Day - 2012 Topps Triple Threads : Clayton Kershaw Game Used Material Autograph ( 8 / 18 )

I am sorely lacking in the autograph side of my collection with Clayton Kershaw. I am trying to fix that at a slow but constant pace but the problem is that the more he does on the field the more the prices go up on his cards. I have my eyes on a numerous auctions but almost every single one I lose because I set an amount I am willing to spend and always get outbid. I won one a couple of weeks ago and now this one. I think someone was asleep at the wheel as I think this one was a steal.

This one is numbered out of 18 which makes little difference to me as I'm just after the autograph of the man. It being more limited is just a perk. The real reason I wanted this one is that the material is spelled out to say " KID K ". One of his numerous nicknames and I just had to have it but wasn't going to over pay. Book value has it at $50 for now. Well with seconds left I put in my final bid and won this at just $25. Couldn't believe it. That is a steal but Ill take it and be happy. So this is now my second Kershaw autograph and can't wait to add more to the collection.

Once and Future Cy Young Winner. 8 out of only 18.

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