Sunday, June 16, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman : Jesmuel Valentin All America Under Armour Autograph 81 / 225

Timing is everything in sports as it is in card collecting. I was going through the checklist for this year's Bowman set and I had forgotten to look for the Jesmuel Valentin autographed card. The two main reasons I missed him was because one, the list I was using didn't have him under the Dodgers section and two, it is an unnumbered card so it didn't fall into any sequence. Oops. I found my error and went out to fix that and acquire yet another autograph.

Book value has this card at $25 but if you look on eBay they range from anywhere between $4 to $13  at the time of my search, but none reaching anywhere close to book. Look back a little further in sold history and I see that a month prior there were more at the higher end price. Most of the low amount auctions I missed out on so I had to figure what I was willing to pay and in the end after missing out on two different auctions and on my third try I ended up winning my copy at just $7 delivered to my door. While not as low as $4 it is far from book and what other people have paid. A nice addition and my only Dodger signed card that does not depict the player in Dodger blue.

81 / 225

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