Monday, June 10, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman : Yasiel Puig Top 100 Insert

I've been going through my cards as I have gotten them through the mail so I have a lot of cards in the que but with the hysteria of Yasiel Puig I have bumped up the two cards I have gotten in the last week. In two previous posts I showed off the blue wave mini refractor that I got for $20 which now sells for over $150. A nice investment. The non blue one I got for $5 and regularly sells for over $30. No intention to sell or trade but nice to know the value.

Well this card I needed to complete the Dodger collection of the set. Right before his call up I looked for the card and saw a seller had some other cards I wanted ( will be in another post ) but I saw this one in one of his auctions. He had it a buy it now of $5. You know I picked that up right then and there. A great addition to the collection as the card now goes for $40 plus just a week after I got it.

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