Sunday, June 23, 2013

Movie Review :This Is The End

A movie that has no real plot of just a bunch of pot smoking buddies in the end of days. That is how you can describe this film in one sentence and you probably would think that the movie would probably suck. And you would be wrong.

All the actors are playing themselves in this flick so we see Jay Barucel arrive in Los Angeles to meet up with life long friend Seth Rogen and immediately head back to the his house to play video games, smoke pot and watch some porn. Let the good times roll. Seth convinces Jay to head over to his friend James Franco's house for a party which Jay doesn't really want to go to as Jonah Hill and Craig Robinson are there and he doesn't care too much for them either. Once at the party the so called typical Hollywood scenes ensure including Michael Cera in a very funny threesome with blow and pot being used freely. Jay and Seth head out to the liquor store to get some smokes when a massive 9.7 earthquake hits the area with some people being beamed up in a blue light. The duo head back to Franco's house with everyone still partying like nothing had happened. 

Soon enough the whole party ends up leaving the house leaving the 5 alone with Danny McBride showing up as an expected and uninvited guest. For the next 40 minutes or so they all go through different levels of hope and despair as they try to figure out what is happening and what to do about it. There is a scene that involves Danny and James discussing what they would do with a bodily function to each other and the house. It is very wrong but I haven't laughed that loud for a long time. They played it to the fullest and delivered. I am sure MTV awards will focus on it when award season comes around.

The group figures out with Jay's knowledge that all this is the apocalypse and that the people that were "saved" via the blue light were part of the rapture but even though they weren't part of the first wave of saved people they could still earn their way to heaven. One by one they try to "be nice" their way in with varying results.

Verdict : The movie is basically a frat boy party with very crude language and vulgar scenery every place you turn. And even with all that I found it hilarious. All the guys lets lose and the raunchiness ensues. I personally don't enjoy Danny in films but when he is not the main focus but a supporting character he becomes entertaining. James, Craig and Jonah are great opposites to Jay's straight man with Seth stuck in the middle. This movie really doesn't have a "real plot" other than that it's the end ( of course ) and how they react to it. Didn't want to use my brain for a couple of hours and this was a great escape. If you like raunchy and politically incorrect humor like I do this is a big THUMBS UP to watch. If you don't fall into those categories or are easily offended I would say pass.

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