Sunday, June 9, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day - Player Appearance Recap : Dwight Gooden ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

Today was a sleepy Sunday morning and Dwight was scheduled to do an autograph appearance at Orange County Sportscards in Anaheim. He has been in town to participate in the Old Timers game that was held at Dodger Stadium yesterday. He was the starting pitcher just like in old days and pitched a scoreless inning.

Dwight had a tremendous start to his career as a New York Met and helped win the World Series in 1986. He went on to win a couple more world series but he never recovered from the substance abuse that took over his life. He could have been a Hall of Famer with the beginning of his career but ended up with less than 200 wins. Don't get me wrong, he accomplished a lot as he was a multiple All Star, threw a no hitter, Silver Slugger award amongst other awards. On the field he had a career that many would want but it cost him a lot with his personal demons.

Dwight signing for a fan.

Dwight arrived early to the store and was inside signing for the promoter til noon when his scheduled time for the general public. When I arrived there were maybe 30 people in front of me. The line moved somewhat slowly as most people talked to Dwight and had their picture taken with him. Once I got up to the table I handed over a ball and he signed right on the sweet spot as requested. I asked if he would mind a picture and he said come on around. He was cordial and nice and engaging with everyone. Thanked him for the signature and told him to have a great day and he did the same. A nice guy and glad I got to meet him today.

Dwight and I.

Sweet Spot Autograph


  1. Very nice! Just curious, what kind of pen did he use? That looks very clean.

  2. I was also at this event seen you but my wife was already in a bad mood (lol) she didn't apperciate standing in line for a hour. Life lesson Don't bring your significant other. I got inscription 85 cy young and 85 Triple Crown on my ball.I'll hit you up next time cause I'm sure she'll not be attending anymore events lol.

  3. Robert - Lol. I know the feeling. My wife usually doesn't go to these as well. She will if it is less than a hr or so and if its on the way to something else otherwise like yesterday she stays away. Didn't want to splurge on inscriptions but great for you. Bet they look good on the ball. Will be at SVS and Mike Marshall on June 29th. See you then maybe