Sunday, June 23, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman : Hyun-Jin Ryu Blue Bordered Variant ( 362 / 500 )

Still trying to get my blue bordered variant set completed and was able to knock off another one off the list.

This is the first copy of the blue bordered variant of Ryu's rookie card to make it to my door but something just tells me to get a few extras if need be for trade or otherwise. Found this particular card on the bay for a measly $5 delivered. Book has it at $10 so for 50% I was able to add this to my collection. Not a day later another buyer had it up for grabs at a low cost of just $3. Do I need two copies of this card on purpose? Probably not but for that second one's low price I wasn't going to pass it up. So with the second one in the mail I have now put this first one in my master set of this year's Bowman set. A fine addition by a very good "rookie" pitcher.

Ryu in Blue Form. 362 out of 500.

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