Sunday, June 2, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Museum : Don Sutton Autograph ( 208 / 399 )

Just started looking at this year's Topps Museum set and I'm working on a few subsets and variants but the main draw for most sets will always be the autographs. This year's set has a few and this is the first one that I have been able to acquire.

Don Sutton had a hall of fame career with most of his major accomplishments being with the Dodgers. Didn't expect to seem him in this year's set due to him not being the most popular of old Dodgers but there he was and I wanted to get a copy of the card. Off to eBay which is the norm and while there many auctions I had a set price that I was willing to pay and I eventually won this card for just a tad under $7. Not too shabby. Even though it doesn't matter to me the card is also numbered 208 out of 399. Nice clean autograph of a Dodger great.

208 of 399

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