Friday, June 7, 2013

Card(s) of the Day - 2013 Bowman : Silver Ice / Gold and Blue Bordered Variants / Chrome / State and Home

Took a day off from really roaming eBay so I thought I visit one of new favorite seller's store on eBay to fill out some holes in my 2013 Bowman set. Still looking to finish off all the variant sets and he usually has new ones put up week in and week out.

Nothing spectacular but was able to cross off some needs on the sets while getting them in my mind a good deal. A total of 8 cards for a total of 8 dollars. I think when you get any card for a dollar or less that is a decent deal and more so when it is part of variant and/or insert sets. So in the end a nice small haul to help finish off some sets which I think I'm about half way through.

Jeremy Moore Prospect Chrome
Adrian Gonzalez State and Home Variant
Adrian Gonzalez Gold Bordered Variant
Hanley Ramirez Gold Bordered Variant
Paco Rodriguez Gold Bordered Variant
Clayton Kershaw Gold Bordered Variant
Hanley Ramirez Silver Ice Variant
Josh Beckett Blue Bordered Variant 290 / 500

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