Thursday, June 13, 2013

Card(s) of the Day - 2013 Bowman : Corey Seager Mini Refractor Insert Blue Variant Plus More

Still been trying to complete my blue variant set for this year's Bowman mini refractor insert set of the Dodgers and yet surprisingly enough Cory has been very elusive for me to acquire. Part of the reason I'm sure is because I just refuse to pay a premium due to it being the blue variant. I've been capping myself at roughly $3-4 as book value is at $6 and I think my range is reasonable. Well everyone on eBay doesn't think they same way so I keep losing out to people willing to pay $5 and sometimes over book. Elusive indeed.

Along came this auction which during normal circumstances I wouldn't pay too much attention to but it had the blue card I needed. Seller set up this auction with 2 blue variants which I thought I could use one in reserve for a possible future trade for something else. But wait there's more... = )
The seller also included 14 of the regular mini refractors of which I already had my one that I needed. To say the least, overkill for my tastes. Well he had the starting bid at just a penny so I said what the hell and put my bid in just over $8. So basically $4 a piece for the blues with the regulars just extra. Didn't think nothing of it til the last day I received an email stating I was the winning bidder. So, I can't buy just one Seager but I can win 16? Go figure. Well I got my blue and then some. So one step closer to completing the mini collection. Anybody need a blue Seager or a mini? I have plenty/

Blue Seager his twin brother and 14 cousins.


  1. Well well well... Maybe we can do a trade finally. Your lists up to date? Pop my trade cherry. LOL

    1. If you mean my Want List, yes, it's up-to-date.

    2. Actually I meant your tradeable list so I can get you the blue and reg mini. You beat Spiegel by a couple hrs. Think he wanted the blue but still got him a reg

  2. Hello! I am interested in one of the Seager refractors. I have some set needs of Bowman to send your way as well as some Dodgers. Please email me and we can get a trade going.