Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Shawn Green ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

Next in line for my run through the "old-timers" in my collection is one of my favorite players from the 2000's. One, Shawn Green

Shawn came to us from Toronto for Raul Mondesi in 1999 and debuted with the team in 2000. He played for the team for 5 years before being traded after the 2004 season. Looking back while his statistics where never great per se, in my eyes he always seemed to get that key hit or have a great offensive output on any given night that I was watching him. Now I didn't follow the Dodgers day to day like I do now but maybe I just wore blue colored glasses or didn't realize that he no more than above average player in the long run like so many people say. He did have two seasons back to back with 40 home runs but his claim to fame came in 2002 when he hit four home runs in one game. And to add to my reflection that he was a great player was that is a game I watched on tv and was in amazement of what he did that day. He also added a double to his home run total. At the end of his career he ended up with over 300 home runs and 2000 hits. A fine run by him.

Couple years ago it came time to acquire a Shawn Green ball but even to this day there are not many authenticated versions to chose from at a reasonable price. He has been at spring training in AZ but I always miss him so at the present moment this was the only way I could acquire an autograph. Someone finally had a PSA authenticated ball for sale on eBay with a starting price of $9.99 so I knew I would be in on this auction. As it neared it's end the price was sitting at $12 and some change so I put my bid in and won the ball for a tad over $16. Not too shabby if I so say myself. I have proudly added this to my collection and hope to replace it one day with an in person version. Until then thank you for the, in my mind, great Dodger career Shawn.

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