Friday, June 21, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Heritage : Matt Kemp Short Print Mini Numbered ( 27 / 100 )

Another score on my Matt Kemp hit list and this card comes in miniature form.

Matt is on the DL presently and even when he was on the field he was not performing to his and our expectations. Great time to go acquire some of his cards at a lower price due to demand being lessened this year.

I'm still trying to finish up my Dodger set from this year's Heritage set and I have now moved onto the variants and random inserts and trying to get those harder to find ones. This for sure is one of them. The mini's are all numbered out of only 100 which makes them hard to acquire but not impossible. What makes this one the best of the bunch is that it is numbered 27, his uniform number. This is my first numbered card of a Dodger player of his actual uniform number. A true 1 of 1. I'm debating on getting this one signed as I think it would just ad to the uniqueness.

The seller had it at a buy it now of $15 which is $5 less of book. A decent bargain but not as much as I would like. I sent what I thought was a low ball offer of $9. He actually accepted it. So for that amount I got a uniformed numbered card out of 100 of my favorite baseball player. A good day indeed.

Short Printed and numbered 27 of 100. Uniform numbered card. Woo Hoo

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