Monday, June 24, 2013

Attended Game Recap : June 20th vs Padres - PADRES 6 Dodgers 3 also Signed Ball of the Day : Hyun-Jin Ryu ( ROMLB Side Panel )

Had time off to use at work as if I didn't I would lose it. Why not take in a Dodger game in San Diego.

Headed down the day prior so we would be well rested by game time. Headed down to the stadium and entered 2 hours prior to watch batting practice. Watched the end of Padre BP but the Dodgers never showed up as they cancelled it do to the double header the day before and flying all night cross country. That is a bummer as that is the main reason I wanted to go down there on a weekday so I can acquire a ball from the field as I aim to get one from every stadium I attend and San Diego I have never been able to get one yet. Guess it will have to be another time. Headed over to our seats on the field level to see if I could at least acquire some autographs. Every single person that signed ( Ted Lilly, Brandon League, Skip and Hanley ) I already had. Seemed like it was going to be a non autograph day for me. Yasiel came out to do his normal routine and I jumped in line in the hope of acquiring another signature from him when I noticed that Hyun-Jin Ryu was signing over by the dugout. I had a young lady hold my spot in the Puig line and ran over to Ryu and he was taking items that were tossed to him. I debated on a team ball or hopefully if I sent him a clean one he would sweet spot it for me. I threw the clean one but he side paneled me. Ugh. That ball is available for trade if anyone would like it.

Nice crisp Ryu autograph BUT side paneled.

Headed back over to Puig and got back in line but he decided not to sign for anyone. So on the autograph front it was basically a bust.

Game started and with the first pitch that Puig saw I got to see my first in person home run by the young phenom. He launched it into center field. That basically was the only highlight for the Dodgers. They did score a couple more runs but that was after the Padres took advantage of our bullpen as most teams have this year. Another disappointing game to attend other than being out of town with my better half and enjoy the atmosphere.

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