Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Gary Sheffield ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

So as I am selling part of my collection on players that do not hold my interest anymore ( only ones that were pre-signed, keeping all IP ) I use the money earned to buy the Dodgers, past and present, that I have missed out through the years.

I once had a signed ball of Gary Sheffield years ago but I went through the phase of not wanted any players that might or are connected to steroids. I've thought about that and though I am still on the fence of condemning or just accepting it as cheating in some form of another has been going on for decades. Well I sold that first ball about 18 months ago but now I decided to get some of them back. Already got Manny and now I was after Sheffield. Steroids or not Gary performed on the field and hit over 500 home runs. He was part of the horrendous trade that sent franchise catcher Mike Piazza to Florida which meant no matter what Gary did there would always be resentment towards him from Dodger fans. He had a very good career with the Dodgers and moved on after a little more than three years with the team. Don't dislike the man just have no opinion on him.

Well as usual off to eBay to acquire the ball as I don't foresee me ever getting him to sign in person. Most of the auctions are buy it now's only and I wasn't going to pay for the up charge of whatever the seller thought he had to put on it. Finally found a traditional auction with a starting bid of $10. Was going to be out of town for the day so I put in my bid a day prior which made me the high bidder at the time but I assumed I would be outbid. To my surprise I was not as I won this PSA authenticated copy for just $28. Not a bad purchase considering the normal sell prices I see on Gary. He is back in the collection and this time he is here to stay.

The Sheff


  1. I've always liked Sheff's autograph. It's kinda elegant, in a Jeter sort of way.

  2. Agreed. Looping letters just like Jeter