Thursday, June 27, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman : Joc Pederson Mini Refractor Insert

That elusive last card of a set you are trying to complete can be so frustrating that it becomes annoying yet still exciting as you are on that quest to finish the set. I finally finished one and now need the variant of another. Funny how it is of the same person, Joc Pederson.

This is not the first year for Joc's cards so I thought this would be easier than it has been. Book is sitting at just $2 yet every auction I bidded on ended up at over $3 and sometimes as high as $5. Ugh. So as always I kept bidding and on one auction after another til finally I won one at $1.99 delivered. Finally got Joc to complete the mini refractor set. Now I just have one last blue wave variant of the same set to acquire and not surprising it is also of Joc. Book on that one is $6 and I haven't been able to land one at under that so this search might take awhile. But til then I will enjoy the fact that I did complete at least one of my sets for this year. Now let's see if Joc ever will see Dodger Stadium in a blue uniform or will he be traded for some hole we need filled.

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