Sunday, November 3, 2013

Card of the Day - 2000 SPx : Eric Gagne Autograph ( 1327 / 1500 )

Another card I owned back in the day has made is back into my hands. Unlike now as I am solely looking for Dodger cards back then I wanted all the limited or hard to get cards and I remember the SPx cards were one of my favorites to rip packs of in the hunt for these type of autograph cads of young stars. I had Gagne then and sold it but like other past stars I was back in the market to reacquire this card and after losing a few auctions I finally was able to get my hands on one.

With 1500 in world I thought it would somewhat easy to get my hands on a copy but it was harder than I thought. Book value is set at $25 and that to me is just too damn high for this card in today's market. Every time I bid on an auction it sold for over $10 which was my breaking point. So for weeks I saw card after card sell at over that price until this one came up and I won it for a little under $10 as no else bid on it. Finally reacquired the electric Dodger closer from the mid 2000's.

As a foot note the day after I won the card another auction ended that I had on my watch list closed at just over $4. Damn, that would have been a steal but you can't always get the great bargain.


  1. Great purchase! Gagne is one of the few Dodgers that I adore, who's auto has alluded me.

    1. Same here. GAME OVER was a great time. Ive always missed him at the stadium.